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This Week in Making: Star Wars Droids, Comic Con, and Deadly Paper Cuts

Darren Moser, a costume and prop builder and fan of Star Wars, decided to bring K-2SO to life. He has been making a 1:1 scale replica of the droid and just this past Friday moved on to the torso. Ultimately, Moser wants the replica to be a fully functional puppet with working joints.

You can follow the playful antics and inventive projects of the creators that use a makerspace in Durban, South Africa on the YouTube channel theMakerSpaceCOZA. These makers clearly love both what they do and that they do it together. It makes them fun to watch (the quality of the filming and editing does not hurt either), and you really cannot go wrong regardless of which video of theirs you choose to start with.

However, you definitely want to check out the video they just posted this past week called “What Is The MakerSpace?” It touches on the importance of creating a place where technology and ideas can be shared and experimented on together. The video has some of the best descriptions of what a makerspace is, and I am honestly a little inspired to go out and join one myself.

Comic Con returns to the Bay Area for its second year this weekend. Although not nearly as big as its older siblings held in New York and San Diego, Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) differentiates itself with is own unique take on comic books and geek culture. Like other conventions, SVCC features an “artists alley,” opportunities to meet actors and writers from TV shows and movies, and watch panels. However, because of its location, SVCC thrives with a tech creator’s spirit.

Artists alley is complimented by an app alley. Discussions on panels tend to stray away from the writing behind a TV show episode, and instead focus on the technology that someone specifically made to create that episode’s effects or costumes. Also, the cosplay you will find at SVCC usually features a little more technological integration and achievement than what you would typically find at a different convention.

SVCC does not prominently feature makers like a Maker Faire, but the convention does provide a cool and unique space to witness where the maker spirit, geek culture, and science come together. I plan on attending SVCC 2017 myself. Hope to see some of you out there!

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