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Raspberry Pi Tutorial 1 – PC Headless Setup 2017 UPDATE

How to setup your Raspberry Pi Headless – now updated to reflect recent (Nov 2016) Raspbian operating system changes! In this tutorial I show you how to download, unpack, and flash a micro SD card with the Raspbian operating system and configure your Raspberry Pi for a headless setup.

A headless setup is one where you do not require a mouse, keyboard and monitor connected to your Raspberry Pi. This make the Pi even better – you can log in using any computer on your home network!

In my next tutorial I show you how to access the desktop of the Raspberry Pi remotely.

This tutorial was made in response to updates from the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s operating system Raspbian. Prior to the November 2016 release, SSH was enabled by default. However this posed a security risk for those connecting their pis to networks and being ignorant of this standard and easily accessible backdoor. Now SSH is disabled by default and we have to work around this. Don’t worry: it’s straight forward!

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