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This Week in Making: Star Wars Droids, Comic Con, and Deadly Paper Cuts

Darren Moser, a costume and prop builder and fan of Star Wars, decided to bring K-2SO to life. He has been making a 1:1 scale replica of the droid and just this past Friday moved on to the torso. Ultimately, Moser wants the replica to be a fully functional puppet with working joints. You can follow

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Hands on: DJI Mavic Pro review

When most people think of drones they usually imagine a big, scary, four-armed miniature helicopter. However, drone makers in 2016 have introduced smaller and more portable quad-copters, like the GoPro Karma and Yuneec Breeze. Now DJI is introducing its smallest, smartest and most approachable drone yet, the Mavic Pro. With the ability to fold

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Raspberry Pi Tutorial 1 – PC Headless Setup 2017 UPDATE

How to setup your Raspberry Pi Headless - now updated to reflect recent (Nov 2016) Raspbian operating system changes! In this tutorial I show you how to download, unpack, and flash a micro SD card with the Raspbian operating system and configure your Raspberry Pi for a headless setup. A headless setup

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Arduino Tutorial #1 – Getting Started and Connected!

In this video I cover the following: * What is Arduino? * What is a sketch? * What is the Arduino (software) IDE (interactive development environment) arduino-1.0.1 * Arduino philosophy * We take a look at the Arduno hardware. * I cover how to download the Arduino Software and drivers and then

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Disney Scientists Turned an Entire Metal Room into a Wireless Charger

When you need to charge your electronic devices on the go, it can be a hassle trying to find somewhere to plug in. And though some devices can already be charged without wires, researchers at The Walt Disney Company have recently supersized the technology by building a wireless "charging room." Scientists at a branch

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Robotic Arm Turns Your Digital Doodles into Good Old-Fashioned Sketches

A small robotic arm can bring your digital sketches to life, by re-creating your on-screen drawings with a pen and paper. The robotic drawing arm was designed by a team of researchers, who combined their knowledge of kinetic art, drawing machines and internet-connected microprocessor chips to develop the idea. The arm, dubbed Line-us, mimics

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Scientists Can Now Create Glass Figurines with a 3D Printer

Intricate glass creations such as miniature castles and tiny pretzels can now be fabricated using 3D printing, according to a new study. The technique could one day be used to manufacture lenses for smartphone cameras as well as other key glass components, researchers said. Archaeological research suggests humans have employed glassmaking for millennia. The

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