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A project for the young generation

INVENTOR BASE® STUDIO is a community center that provides technology, manufacturing equipment and educational opportunities to the public.

It allows community members – especially the young generation – to design, prototype and manufacture items using tools that would otherwise be inaccessible or unaffordable such as 3-D printers, digital fabrication machines, and computer-aided design (CAD) software. INVENTOR BASE® STUDIO is funded by donations from private individuals, companies, and organizations.

makerspace-members-working-with-machinesThe free exchange of ideas and resources is a central tenet of INVENTOR BASE®. The community can collaborate on projects and share knowledge at gatherings known as build nights or open-house days.


Where creativity meets resources

The  INVENTOR BASE® STUDIO is the main element of the INVENTOR BASE® concept. It is the space where the community can meet, discuss, explore, experiment and build their projects. The studio has different sections, covering machines, tools, and equipment from various technical fields. Community members get access to all the technical equipment that is necessary to make their project come alive. Through collaboration with others, the knowledge is shared and experiences can be exchanged freely.

• Wood shop

Table saws, Jointer, Planer, Bandsaw, Wood lathe, Radial arm drill press, Benchtop drill press, Scroll saw, Benchtop sander, A variety of hand-held tools

• Welding shop

TIG welders, MIG welders, Spot welders, Hand-held plasma cutter, Oxy-acetylene rig, Cut-off saw, Bench grinder, Sanders, Sandblaster, Many additional smaller tools

• Electronics & Roboticsmakerspace-machines-metal-shop

• Arduino Lab
• Raspberry Pi Lab
• Soldering stations
• Various DVMs
• Several oscilloscopes
• Several hand tools

• Rapid Prototyping Lab & Design Center

• 3D printer
• Laser cutter
• Vinyl cutter
• Design software

• CNC Shop

CNC Plasma cutter, Shopbot, Multicam. CNC Lathe, CNC Router, Small 5-axis CNC

• Fine Arts Shop

Drill Press, Turbo Braze Hydroflux Welder, Inside Ring Engraver, Upright ring sizer, Shank forming tool, Rolling Mill, Shear, Disc Cutter, Ultrasonic cleaner,Jewelry torches, Air Brush w/ Compressor, Kiln


Knowledge & Skills  – Taught by professionals

INVENTOR BASE®  takes advantage of the incredible abilities of children and young adults to swiftly acquire new skills through exploration and experimenting. Dedicated professionals teach fundamentals of science and guide the youngsters toward goal-oriented and structured thinking and self-discipline.